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Casinos do, however, come at some cost. Four years after a casino opens, bankruptcy rates, violent crime, and auto thefts and larceny are up 10 percent in counties with a casino. Evans , Julie H. Development of the American Economy. Economic Fluctuations and Growth. International Finance and Macroeconomics. International Trade and Investment. Productivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

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The numbers of tribes seeking recognition jumped exponentially, though not every casino is successful. Gaming made for odd bedfellows. The investors put up several million dollars so the Eastern Pequots could pursue recognition, she said. And it was at that point that Malloy stepped in to block their petition as well as those of the Schaghticokes and the Golden Hill Paugussetts, Sebastian said.

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When both the Eastern Pequots and the Schaghticokes won federal recognition in the last decade, the state appealed and won — and the investors pulled out. Besides the Mashantuckets, the state has one other federally recognized tribe, the Mohegan Tribe, which also owns a casino.

As the Eastern Pequots see it, the state is hypocritical: It receives hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue-sharing payments from tribal casinos. By law, the state must assist us in maintaining our reservation.

Instead, they have vehemently opposed us. The Eastern Pequots have been recognized by Connecticut since Colonial times. And having state recognition can be a first step in the process of federal recognition, said Martha Salazar, senior policy specialist for NCSL.

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Some states recognize a tribe through legislation. Others do it through a state agency, or the governor issues a proclamation. With some states, formal recognition brings certain benefits. In Alabama, Connecticut, Louisiana and North Carolina, Indian tribes can apply for programs and services, get help with navigating the bureaucracy, and in some instances the state will provide education funding, according to Salazar.

Hundreds were massacred by English settlers in Over the centuries, they intermarried with formerly enslaved Africans, European settlers and other Indian tribes, but always maintained their Eastern Pequot genealogy, she said, even as they scattered around the country.

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Some are lawyers and doctors — she herself is a retired attorney — but others struggle with unemployment. As Sebastian talks, Joseph Perry, the tribal treasurer, drives across the unpaved roads of their acre reservation. Just across the way, you can see the Foxwood Casinos, a turquoise colored Shangri-la.

The land is rocky and hilly with no running water, sewers or electricity.

Federal recognition would mean that they would have the resources to develop the infrastructure, Sebastian said. The Eastern Pequots are committed to seeing this through, so far submitting 70, pages of documents to the BIA to bolster their claims. This could be a long battle.

The Inside Story of the Richest Indian Tribe in History: Casinos, Finance, Wealth (2003)

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