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Leave all papers to us and rest! Kurtz having disappeared into the jungle during the Vietnam war to "live as a god" amongst the natives.

Like Kurtz, he is feared to have lost his sense of mission, though unlike Kurtz, he has not been marked for death by those looking to find him. The two protagonists Martin's Sheen's Willard and Fr. The difference is what happens when they get there, except it's not so much a difference as it is an inverse, and this is the interesting thing.

When Willard kills Kurtz, he becomes him, in a sense, becomes the madness that Kurtz represents, the madness that we have seen for the previous two plus hours of the film as he travels inexorably towards him.

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When Rodrigues finds Ferreira on the other hand, he chooses to follow in his footsteps, literally, renouncing his faith but gaining a "new understanding. They are both reborn, but in completely opposite ways. Help Login Sign Up. However, once the fighting began the initial goal disappeared into the Vietnamese jungle.

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  • He is sent on a mission with the objective to kill a Special Forces colonel, Walter E. Kurtz, who has disappeared into the jungles down a river outside Vietnam. Before Willard sets out on his mission, the viewer hears his commentary: "I was going to the worst place in the world and didn't even know it yet.

    Weeks away and hundreds of miles up a river that snaked through the war like a main circuit cable""plugged straight into Kurtz.