Decline of moral values in students life

You can observe facial gestures. You can hear the intonation of a voice. Now, the average time spent in front of a screen is nine hours.

My son grew up with a computer, but he did not grow up with social media. Even in his late 20s, he is different from somebody in their early 20s who had grown up curating their Facebook page, working Instagram and Twitter. In other words, this is the deal. Collinsworth: I would agree. But I think, like anything, it comes from the top.

The fact remains that in America there is a president who has no qualms about, dare I say, lying. I come from a media background, so what is the obligation of a free press?

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I am incredibly grateful as an American for a free press, which I believe holds [the excesses of] democracy in check. But what is the obligation? Or is it to present judgment to them? And we normalize it by not calling him out. Not because I necessarily agree with the policies, but Emmanuel Macron, the new president, has come out of nowhere in a little over a year and he has now won a majority in Parliament. Fifty percent of the parliamentarians have not had any experience in politics. He is completely determined to build a populous movement from the center rather than the extremes.

Knowledge Wharton: You also take some time in the book to look at Hollywood as well, specifically the Kardashians. What one has to remember is that these are extremely shrewd business decisions [made by the Kardashian family]. Kim Kardashian is memorializing in every conceivable sense — on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, newsletters, traditional media — the most mundane aspects of her life on a day-to-day basis.

In a larger sense, we should remember that just a few tech companies [control our digital life]. You think of the internet as this rather ephemeral, atmospheric opportunity to create communities and outreach and gather information, and it is all of those things. These are businesses. These are publicly owned companies, and their first and foremost obligation is the return on investment. But the point is that all of these are money-making ventures. Knowledge Wharton: The world of Kim Kardashian revolves around a lot of social media.

I want to get your thoughts on what social media means to this discussion of morality. What you see on Twitter, but also on Facebook, is often an angry response that ratchets up very quickly. Part of this overall concern about what is happening is there is a diminution or lesser opportunity to build the skill set of how to deal with people. We are social animals, so something as simple as communicating has now become fraught with not only our polarized ideas, policies and politics, but also it is exacerbated by the way we communicate.

I read someplace that within a relatively short period of time, in less than five years, most people will be using their phones not to make phone calls but for text messages and internet connection. It just is becoming a more stilted way of dealing with other people.

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Knowledge Wharton: You also get into the military a little bit. You had a conversation with a major general from the Air Force about elements they have to deal with regarding morality. Collinsworth: Yes, that was really very interesting for me and quite compelling. I spoke to Gen. We spoke about drone warfare because it falls very quickly into two ethical camps. You follow this person around.

The other side of the argument is that it is a more moral way of dealing with warfare. He told me very directly that the purpose of war is to kill people and destroy property. These are issues one grapples with especially now. So when do you begin to forfeit your morals [as a result]? Fortunately, I have not seen that happen. There are hate crimes on the rise but what I do see, not surprisingly, is the trend towards a willingness to forfeit civil liberties for security. Now in the U. But its threshold of tolerance has really diminished considerably. Knowledge Wharton: You also talk towards the end of the book about birth and the moral questions surrounding it.

Collinsworth: Everything is relative. Here in the U. However, a three-person pregnancy, [or making babies using DNA from three people], is legal. That is illegal in America, but what is legal in America is choosing a gender. Those people in the U. Women in China who could afford it fly to California and do just that. A lot of it has to do with, whether right or wrong, your financial wherewithal.

Would you then support the choice of a gender?

A new book from journalist Binyamin Appelbaum shows how economists evolved from overlooked number-crunchers to powerful influencers who reshaped American policy. CFLD moves beyond the traditional capital and construction value proposition associated with public-private partnerships. Log In or sign up to comment. Technology changes everything around us on a daily basis.

Teenagers Today Lack Moral Values and Self-Discipline

It changes the homes we live in, cars we drive, and work we do. But has our technological society also changed our morality? Philosophers and religious scholars have long debated over which morals are the most ethical, but it is apparent that changes in society have a direct impact on human morality. Mack notes that online spaces are constantly changing, creating new and unfamiliar environments. Rules regarding privacy and property are not always applicable. Internet users have a certain anonymity which makes it difficult to know identifiable information, or to pinpoint harassment.

There is an element of remoteness from feedback or harm with distance technology, with the absence of face-to-face communication and physical presence. Jagadeesh Nellore AP ,India.

State Education and the Decline in Morality

It sweeps across disciplines, taking up the biology. Failure to stop a child from doing something wrong could lead the child to believe that his behavior is acceptable. Also, a child thinks that the people that are supposed to love him don't even care that he is doing something bad so he will continue to do it. Teenagers also commit acts of violence to get their parents' attention. If parents ignore what their teenagers are doing. By age 14, their basic cognitive skills are substantially similar to what they will be in adulthood, although they lack the experience of adults.

They are likely to have a well-developed set of preferences and a set of moral values. Risk taking is a natural part of teenagers' lives.


They need to take some risks in order to grow, trying new activities, generating new ideas, experimenting with new roles. However, they can also get into trouble. Majority of the youths then learnt respect, courtesy, consideration, decency, propriety, honesty and righteousness from a young age, and had enough self-discipline to hold to these values. However, these moral values and self-discipline are slowly diminishing over the years, as most of the younger generation are gradually disregarding these ethics.

Views of U.S. Moral Values Slip to Seven-Year Lows

The listed values have slowly faded away, as they mean little to these adolescents, as moral values and self-discipline are on the verge of disappearing. This lack of self-discipline and self-control is becoming more and …show more content…. One reason for this is that many teenagers lack the self-discipline to resist the temptation, and their raging hormones overpower their ethics. This lack in self-control in resisting their impulses leads to pre-marital sex.

Another reason is that many teenagers lack the courage or self-discipline to stop themselves from breaking under peer pressure. Under western influence, subjects such as sex are no longer considered taboo.

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Therefore, youths feel that it is thus okay for them to be promiscuous, which is a clear lack of principles.