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Published: Robert J. Development of the American Economy. Economic Fluctuations and Growth. International Finance and Macroeconomics. International Trade and Investment. The research process for my report was no easy task. The simple part was choosing my topic. Black Tuesday was Tuesday, October 29, This was the day the New York Stock Exchange crashed. This was the single largest crash in the country. Black Tuesday wiped out thousands of investors and billions of dollars were lost.

Black Tuesday was an event leading up to the stock market crash. As a result numerous Americans lost all to a lot of their savings.

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Black Tuesday was also known. The Stock Market Crash In early the Dow Jones Average went from a low of early in the year, to a high of in December of and peaked at in September of The cause of the crash in the stock market in , was an incident that occurred on October 29, which was called Black Tuesday.

Investors traded 16 million dollar of shares toward the New York Stock Exchange in a day, upon that billions of dollars were lost and investors lost their business or their jobs. As will be made evident, this did not work.

From the week of October 23rd to 31st the panic settled in and a total of Stock Market Crash of The United States was experiencing great optimism and economic growth prior to the stock market crash of By August , there was massive expansion and stock prices reached their peak. However, all good things eventually come to an end. What must have felt like over night, the stock market crashed and this would later be known as one of the most devastating economic downturns in U. The Stock Market Crash of was so significant but to this day people.

The Stock Market crash of has been looked at as the greatest symbol of depression is our countries history.

Although the Stock Market crashing had a huge effect on the beginning of the Great Depression, there are still factors to consider when looking for a source to blame. The Great Depression is seen as a slippery road downward, not a sudden jolt into hopelessness. Chinese stock market crash In the previous chapter, the researcher has covered some basic information about the stock market. Hence, in this chapter, the current situation that the Chinese stock market is suffering from and factors contributing towards this crisis will be analysed. At the end of this chapter, readers will have an idea how a market which was stable for many years could become unsteady within such a short period of time.

The definition of a stock market crash A stock market crash. The truth of the matter is that placing the blame for the Stock Market Crash on Mr.

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Hoover is very unfair. Herbert Hoover was only one of many causes of the Stock Market Crash. It is. The question most debated is- which factor was the greatest contributor to causing the crash?

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Many think the answer is simple, for example, unemployment. On the contrary, the answer is quite complex because there were many interconnected causes.

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When answering this question, it is first crucial to analyze the causes of the crash and the causes of the depression that followed the crash. Many people combine the causes of the stock market crash and the depression;. During , the stock market was common among any class. In late October of , the U. There were great points being made on the mistakes Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke did not view from their perspective, which in turns were the problems that made up the crash. It was not until when foreclosures occurred more and became prominent, especially since the last market crash during the Great.

Investing millions a year, stock investors never thought the system would fail, but one day, it all went away. The stock market crashed leaving millions without work. Is this event the only factor that caused the crash? And what made the crash so huge? To reveal. Currently share market is well known to all. It is known that the economic stability and prosperity of a country depend on the condition of her share market. Many brokerage houses are now operating in our country to help investors.

Chittagong Stock Market also met a similar fate. An abrupt crash of the market. Comparing the Market Crash and the Current Position in the Stock Market During the 's, the North American economy was roaring, but this decade would eventually be put to a stop.

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In October of , the stock market began its steepest decline to this date in history. Many stock market traders and economists believe and pray that it was a one-shot episode never to be repeated. On the other hand, many financial analysts and other economists believe that the current stock markets are in place. The United States Great Depression leads many people to believe different stories about what actually caused it.

The Stock Market Crash in October of is often referred to as the beginning of the Great Depression, but did it actually cause it? The answer is that it was the spark that lit the flame of the Great Depression. The Great depression was a financial decline that started in and lasted through most of the s. Its pinpoint was. This has led to incongruent conclusions by many financial experts.

It may be more important to direct attention to the social mechanisms that could have influenced not only this most recent crisis, but also the stock market crash. President Hoover said, during his inaugural address, "I have no fears for the future of our country. It is bright with hope" but by the end of he would regret those inspiring words Hoover. During a time when people were living the American Dream, few were prepared for or expected the stock market crash and the American nightmare that continued through the s. On October 29, , investors took a turn for the worse and were just in the beginning of a huge crisis that would cause them to lose everything.

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This crash pushed many Americans to depression, suicide, and destruction. By , 4, banks had closed and Americans started to panic. The stock market crash of was a major turning point in the history of the United States and billions of dollars were lost. During the s, throughout the country, there were social, economic, and political changes. By early , people across the United States were rushing to get into the stock market.

The profits seemed so certain that even many companies placed money in the stock market. In addition, even more problematic, some banks placed their customers ' money in the stock market without their consent. The stage was set for a crash which did occur. Hong Kong was also in the danger zone.

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Display Table. The model for Japan was hard to interpret because there were high PE ratios but interest rates were close to zero so one had a close to 0—0 situation so the model did not apply to Japan in The model was not in the danger zone with return differences close to zero. Further declines occurred in and The lowest close to May was There was a lower close of in March , just before the big rally into This decline was similar to previous crashes.

The results vary slightly by strategy but the basic conclusions are the same. CSV Display Table. The mean excess return is the average monthly excess return of the strategy over the stock market. In each country, the final wealth of the strategies exceeds except for Canada buy and hold for the stock market with some months in cash and a higher Sharpe ratio. No potential conflict of interest was reported by the authors. Source: Berge and Ziemba Berge, K. Skip to Main Content. Search in: This Journal Anywhere.

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