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The best way to remove every sheet at once is by pinching from the top left while slowly pulling away from the magnet. Messy or disheveled sheets?

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Or simply wanting to add new refill paper? Make sure to restack your pages all at once before snapping the paper back into the cover.

Best Note-Taking Device Ever? iPad Pro vs. Paper Notebooks

While still having a firm pinch with the right hand, slide the stack of paper to meet the black end cap. After the pages are perfectly flush, don't forget to fluff the sheets! Grab the stack and quickly flip through the pages. Premium Hard Cover Notebook This brilliant design blends paper's flow and permanence with digital's flexibility.

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It looks and feels like the high-quality hardcover notebooks Powered by Shopify. As a result, the company buys its papers from Europe, but has tried to keep prices affordable: A bottle-green coloured notebook costs between Rs and Rs, depending on the size, while the twin-note range, which features two notebooks in contrasting colours stitched together back-to-back, is priced between Rs and Rs Both Paperbox and The Paper Company say their customers are thrilled to be able to finally buy quality stationery locally.

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Over the years, the company has created colourful collections of notebooks, teaming up with international artists such as Jean Jullien and Nathalie du Pasquier, and expanded into accessories and even furniture. But despite its fan following among design enthusiasts in India, and a growing custom design business for corporate clients, its biggest challenge has been to find the right place for its products in the country, where it sells both online and through various stores. Since its launch, its product range has expanded from notebooks and other paper products to include posters, art prints, and coffee mugs.


But while stationery remains the focus of the business, driven by custom orders for clients such as Uber and Tinder in India and abroad, retail stores have posed a problem. While LetterNote operated three of its own stores earlier, it shuttered two of them, choosing to focus more on e-commerce.

Behind this is the simple fact that, for now, despite growing interest, pricey paper products still only appeal to a niche audience in India. This article first appeared on Quartz.

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As the name implies, Field Notes notebooks are designed to be carried and used in all different types of situations and environments, not just sitting at a desk or other flat surface. Field Notes notebooks come in multiple shapes and sizes, but one of the most common designs is the simple, pocket-sized field notebook that everyone knows and loves. Field Notes notebook come in ruled, graph, or plain varieties, and you can order them in mixed batches so you can grab the one you need. Ah, Moleskine. The company launched in although its roots are older than that , and since then have amassed a cult following of pen-and-paper enthusiasts and note-takers that few other companies—regardless of what they make—have managed to duplicate.

Why this investment banker aspirant decided to manufacture notebooks and paper products instead

We have to mention the Moleskine Smart Notebook , that connects with Evernote to digitize and organize your notes. Moleskine earned praise in the nominations from many of you and scorn from many of you, too for being easily available anywhere, easy enough to fit into bags and pockets, and using paper that works well with just about every writing implement you put to it.

Many of you had a specific favorite type, or used multiples for different needs. Since Moleskine is a huge company, you can order directly from them online , find them on sites like Amazon , or seriously, just check your local department store, coffee shop, or office supply store.