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Creative Assessment: Using RAFT Writing to Assess Students in a Course on Motion

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Using the RAFT Writing Strategy - ReadWriteThink

No description. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Report abuse. Christian Movies. The RAFT specifically targeted students' ability to analyze and interpret kinematics graphs. Kinematics graphs are widely used when teaching motion, and constitute a key component of physics academic language Beichner Accurate interpretation of kinematics graphs requires an understanding of motion concepts e.

The RAFT Writing Process in the Foreign Language Classroom

Students tend to confuse the concepts of time, position, distance, displacement, velocity, and acceleration Halloun and Hestenes ; Shaffer and McDermott They think that being ahead implies having gone faster, less distance covered means less time, and going faster means going for more time DiSessa Common misconceptions associated with the interpretation of kinematics graphs include viewing the graph as a literal picture of the event and confounding slope and the height of a point on the line Basson Students wrote about the motion represented in one of four position vs.

They took the role of the object whose motion created the provided graph and selected the audience to whom they were writing, such as a friend, readers of a newspaper, or a scientist studying the object. Students were also given the choice of the format e. For their topic, students explained how they, the object, moved to create the position vs.