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Family businesses differ from other businesses due to family involvement in the business. Due to this peculiarity, communication is an even more integral factor for successful business operations. Poor communication in family businesses can lead to the following common problems: Family members assume they know what other family members feel or want, personal ties inhibit expressing opinions, personal problems become business problems, non-family members feel excluded, and insufficient arrangements between managers and employees result in disadvantages for customers.

The family business I work for is also struggling with these problems.

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In , my father founded a construction and engineering company all by himself. Today the company operates internationally, has a turnover of over 9,, Euros per year, has more than 50 employees, and engages almost the entire family. With the increasing figures, the problems relating to the informal communication style became more serious: Managers became suspicious and employees became dissatisfied because of the lack of an information structure. Introducing an organizational communication and information scheme to a family business eliminates potential areas for dispute, improves the managerial abilities and business activities, and has a positive impact on customer relationships.

Typical areas for dispute in family business include family members assuming to know what other family members feel or want , meaning that family members do not take the possibility of misinterpretation into consideration. Surprisingly, the business environment causes the daughter to perceive the criticism as punishment so the communication misses the intended purpose of improving the daughter's behavior. A communication system that prescribes regular performance assessment could have prevented the mentioned situation.

Furthermore, various family members often do not see the necessity to tell each other what to do because they mostly know each other well and expect each other already to know how to behave. For example, the CEO hires a new family member and assumes that the new employee is aware of the necessity to behave differently in a business environment. However, the new employee, who is used to a trusting, loving relationship with the CEO, suddenly finds him or herself in business situations with outside businesses but has no clue how to react appropriately.

Thus, even if business environment obviously requires some matter or patterns e. Another problem is that family members may have personal ties that inhibit expressing their opinions, on the one hand to avoid hurting each other and on the other as a reaction to excessive respect that may hinder free expression.

An example for the first case is a loving father and CEO who has problems with criticizing his children's his employees' behavior simply to avoid hurting their feelings. The latter case is more common because in family business, the head of the family often automatically assumes control of the business even if he or she does not have the best business skills. That parents often do not tolerate words of protest from their children is common and therefore a financial manager and son with better skills than the CEO his father might withhold his ideas because he is afraid of making the impression of disrespecting his father.

Both examples suggest that personal ties can inhibit expression of opinions in the business environment, rendering effective use of existing knowledge impossible. In addition, another difficulty to deal with in family business is personal problems becoming business problems , conflicts among family members, and the inability to communicate with one another satisfactorily, distressing the executives and disturbing day-to-day business.

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A good example is a dispute between siblings that leads to contradicting each other only to prevent the other from having any kind of success. This inconspicuous battle could become a significant problem for the entire company if the siblings try to polarize other employees. Disagreements between employees embarrass the general decision-making process and can affect several audiences, the family itself and the entire company, its employees and customers; therefore, the importance of separating family and business problems is indisputable.

Furthermore, non-family members sometimes feel excluded from ordinary business activities, which give rise to uncertainty and suspicion. Often communication, if at all, only occurs at the dinner table or in the corridor, and only the persons who happen to be present get the information. Those absent, especially if they are non-family members, feel excluded or deceived. A good example is an outstanding and important decision about a large customer that family members discuss and decide at the dinner table without involving non-family members who might also have authority to decide.

Dissatisfaction that negatively affects daily business communication is the consequence.

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This example shows the importance and the possible benefit of a structured communication and information scheme very plainly. In general, we can say that a structured communication and information scheme could help to eliminate potential areas for dispute in family business. First, managing is about getting people together to complete desired goals efficiently and effectively.

Keeping that in mind, all the examples above made clear that insufficient communication at management level has a great impact on the abilities to manage employees effectively. Only when the managers communicate effectively among one another, and all of the management knows about the priorities and importance of pending tasks, then allocating work to employees and supervising the tasks is possible.

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Actually, the existing problems are obvious. The unstructured responsibilities and decision-making abilities conduct in stressful and confusing work environment. Finally, we will look into the negative impact on customer relationships regarding the lacking communication and information system in the family business in account. As we have already mentioned, customer relationships smart from delays in due dates, but they also suffer from inappropriate and inconsistent communication.

In general, all the mentioned problems result from lack of communication and organization. The company in question is unfortunately unable to make use of the advantages a family business can have. Successful family businesses prove that appropriate communication — external and especially internal — plus a continuous improvement of the benefits of their products or services, build the basis for long-term success.

Different to other businesses PEOPLE carry the enterprise communications and this leads inevitably to great differences because individual persons and traditions shape family business cultures. The family business need to integrate these family values in an organizational model and the entire organizational structure needs to be developed and more target-oriented.

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When the family business discovers its particular strengths, connects and uses them, and is as well able to keep the family in the background, then it will develop great advantages compared to other businesses. This research is about managing effective communication in family businesses. Family businesses often have to struggle with conflicts among family members, because emotions frequently interfere with business decisions.

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Managerial abilities, and by association business activities, suffer from the lack of organizational schemes. In addition, lacking communication channels influence customer relationships. Lynn Lofton notes that family businesses often do not have the structure which non-family businesses provide B7. This means that other family businesses face similar problems as the one I took into consideration.

Therefore, this paper will explore how others introduced organizational communication and information schemes to family businesses, to eliminate areas for dispute, to improve managerial abilities and business activities, and to create a positive impact on customer relationships. This section is about one of the most commonly mentioned problems in family businesses; namely conflicts among individuals.

I assume that the introduction of an organizational communication and information scheme can eliminate potential areas for dispute, because family members can draw on guidance and common arrangements. Lynn Lofton writes about the particularity of family relationships in the business. A good thesis statement will tell your readers what your research paper will be about and, specifically, why it is important. You should avoid thesis statements that simply announce your purpose. For example, in a research paper on health care reform, you should avoid a thesis statement like this:.

Instead, a good thesis statement on health care reform in the United States would be more specific and make a point that will help establish a clear purpose and focus for your essay. It might look something like this:. Although health care reform is a controversial topic in the United States, the need for strong reform is important, as too many Americans are living without access to health care.

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Of course, not all research papers are persuasive. Some research papers can also be analytical.

A good analytical thesis statement might look something like this:. Not all research papers will require an explicitly stated thesis. Some research papers in some fields will simply require a strong focus. You can maintain a strong focus in your essay without an explicitly stated thesis by thinking about an implied thesis for your research paper. With an implied thesis, your point is never stated directly, but your paper does have a clear focus or point.

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All papers require a specific focus, and a good research paper will maintain that focus throughout. The body of your essay should feature the bulk of your research and support your thesis statement. Complex subjects often have numerous components that require discussion. Consider our sample thesis statement from the previous section:. A research essay on this topic might logically explore these subdivisions in the order they are listed in the thesis statement.

The essay would likely have an introduction that is a page or two in length, and then each of the three subdivisions would also stretch to a few pages. The first subdivision on the lack of sincerity in some text messages might explore the subject from the perspective of texting to commemorate celebrations graduations, anniversaries, and birthdays, for instance and important life events, texting as a means of ending romantic relationships, and the nature of how we use punctuation in text messages.

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These are the kinds of research findings that would support your viewpoint that text messaging is probably not the best option for communicating in some important situations. Your next two subdivisions would cover the ways in which text messaging can lead to confusion in the communication act typos, autocorrected terminology, and lack of emotional nuance , and also the lack of depth or complexity language erosion that often accompanies the practice.

It may be useful to think of each subdivision as a smaller essay that is subsumed within your larger argument.