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Rephrase Paragraph. How to write an original essay? Much Ado About Nothing is a play filled with deception, love and most importantly lies.

Shakespeare's Presentation of Hero and Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing

Throughout the play, Shakespeare creates scenes where misunderstandings and lies help develop and destroy relationships and characters. The couples are influenced by the efforts of others to find their love for each other or doubt their love for each other. There are a lot of examples to deception. The tricks played on people often have the best intentions, to make people fall deeply in love, or to make someone realize the big mistake they made.

Not all the deceptions have good intentions. Although there are a lot of characters in the play, I chose to do my essay on how all the lies affect the relationships of the people; Benedick and Beatrice and also Claudio and Hero. I chose these people because lies and deception is a very big part of their relationships and everyday lives.

As Don Pedro and his brother Don John, Claudio and Benedick return from a victorious war, preparations have been made for them as they return. Beatrice and Hero plan to greet and welcome them peacefully into their space and home.

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As they arrive they greet each other after a long time not seeing each other, apart from the arguments and aggressiveness between Benedick and Beatrice who always has to argue. This is seen by all the other people that were there who wonder if they really hate each other or maybe they are just hiding their feelings and deceiving themselves and each other. The opposite happens with the couple Claudio and Hero, The moment Claudio sees Hero he instantly falls in love with her.

At the Masked Ball, everyone has to wear a mask, the people feel free to spread rumors and talk about each other because no one knows whom he or she are actually talking to. At the ball, Benedick and Beatrice are dancing together not knowing whom they are paired with. Suddenly Beatrice starts talking to her partner while they continue to dance.

Only his gift is in devising possible slander. Later in Scene 3 Don Pedro, Claudio, and Leonato are planning to play a nasty trick on Benedick into believing Beatrice had told her cousin Hero that she loved Benedick. This is actually a lie that will have a pretty big effect on what he thinks of her, changing the course of their relationship.

In Act 3 close to the same thing happens to Beatrice. Hero and Ursula wait until Beatrice is passing and in hearing distance and say that Benedick told Don Pedro that he loves Beatrice. She is shocked by this news at the fact that Benedick had hidden feelings for her. Shakespeare's, Much Ado About Nothing is enhanced with humorous mockery and intertwined dialogues.

In the play, the soldiers have just returned from a successful war. Numerous times do the characters joke around in cruel dialects. The mockery, however, is not considered to be as harsh due to the presence of comedy within the play. A comic play is usually accepted to be a light-hearted play with a happy conclusion. A play classed as a tragedy is serious and sad, usually ending with the death of the main character. A tragicomedy is a play consisting of both tragic and comic elements.

Differences between Beatrice and Hero in Much Ado about Nothing Essay

Much Ado is of the comedy genre as it contains humorous…. Aristotle first discussed the concept of catharsis. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays.

Much Ado About Nothing (2011): Beatrice fooled

Show More. Beatrice has more freedom than other women such as Hero as she is not shackled by a husband or a father which enables her freedom of speech but not solely because of this as she naturally has a free-thinking nature which contributes to her strong-minded character. This we can relate to more than an Elizabethan audience who. Character Analysis of Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare Beatrice is, without a doubt, one of the strongest female characters that Shakespeare ever came up with in his time of writing.

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