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He argues that part of the problem is that teachers are asking students to read less, which means less substance — whether historical, political or literary — to focus a term paper on. Fitzhugh says of Professor Davidson.

Lunsford, a professor of English at Stanford. Professor Lunsford has collected 16, writing samples from Stanford students from to , and is studying how their writing abilities and passions evolved as blogs and other multimedia tools crept into their lives and classrooms. Her conclusion is that students feel much more impassioned by the new literacy.

They love writing for an audience, engaging with it. So Professor Lunsford is playing to student passions.

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Her writing class for second-year students, a requirement at Stanford, used to revolve around a paper constructed over the entire term. Now, the students start by writing a page paper on a particular subject in the first few weeks.

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The students often find their ideas much more crystallized after expressing them with new media, she says, and then, most startling, they plead to revise their essays. As Professor Lunsford illustrates, choosing to educate using either blogs or term papers is something of a false opposition. Teachers can use both.

And blogs, a platform that seems to encourage rambling exercises in personal expression, can also be well crafted and meticulously researched. Gilbert Metcalf argues that a carbon tax would help reduce US emissions and offers examples from the British Columbian carbon tax to show that a well-designed carbon tax can actually boost jobs and GDP, while reducing carbon emissions.

In particular, how is it benefitting less advantaged and marginalized groups, such as African-Americans, Hispanics, and women? Stephanie Aaronson , Mary C.

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Daly , William Wascher , and David W. I have cleared this bit of space in my schedule to read your essays, and I have come at them genuinely excited to see what you have found out this term, and to tell you how you can improve. There are 11 unmarked essays. I have to force myself to understand anything other than the clearest, nicest writing; the kind of writing that takes me by the hand and shows me round all your ideas. Do us both a favour and spend time on your essay.

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Make it good. Edit, polish, relieve my boredom and let me award you a first. I also have a life — washing to do, family to spend time with, that sort of thing.

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