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But others do not have any idea who Othello is. My Captain! As we mentioned earlier, you must familiarize yourself with the subject, which is Othello. In this way, you will be able to write a good essay. Hence, it can encourage you to do some research about Othello essay topics.

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It includes plain English translation to help you understand the play. Othello jealousy essay will tackle the suffering, misfortune, and death that Othello endured due to jealousy. Although there are external forces that triggered this weakness, yet it seems that the character of Othello is being dominated by jealousy.

The truth is the major factor that shatters the character of Othello is jealousy and it was triggered by the character of Lago. Most Othello quotes are emanated from jealousy.

Also known as pathological jealousy, delusional jealousy, or morbid jealousy, is when someone has the delusion that their partner is cheating on them. Most likely, they will keep on interrogating their partners, look for some proofs, evaluate their fidelity, and even do some stalking.

This is a psychological disorder that often occurs in males than in females. Racism in Othello essay seems to be evident since Othello is a black man and he is in Venice which is dominated by white people. On the greater part of the play, Othello tries to ignore, defy, or simply feel unconcerned about racism.

Othello, Lago, and Cassio, the main characters of the play, have a woman who always stands behind them. These women feel that they should be loyal to their husbands and respect their wishes. If you will do further research, then you will learn why did Shakespeare write Othello and where did he obtain his inspiration. Hence, you must do extensive research to obtain some knowledge about the character as well as its origin. The knowledge that you obtained will be vital in writing your Othello essay introduction.

Make sure that your introduction thoroughly explained the character of Othello. This will prove that you have a vast knowledge about the Othello essay topic. A thesis statement must be present in your introduction to express the key message of your essay. This will be written after the Othello essay introduction. After the introduction, you will write the body of your Othello analysis essay. Be sure to make a plan before writing the essay, so you will know its components.

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Having a proper plan can greatly help you in writing the introduction as well as the body of your essay. It can help you organize your thoughts systematically. Keep in mind that every topic must be supported by various paragraphs. Essentially, the body of your Othello essay must contain the following:.

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These pointers can help you in making an Othello character analysis essay. It will explain clearly the character of Othello. Be sure to elaborate each Othello essay questions so your readers will be able to understand thoroughly. When writing your essay, always consider that your readers do not have any knowledge about Othello. However, you must also present each topic accurately to prevent any worthless information. Hence, be sure to keep it brief. Always follow the word limit to prevent penalization.

Jealousy In Othello

After the body, the next thing that you need to write is the conclusion. This will comprise the Othello summary. Here, you will sum up all the significant things about the essay. How does the tragedy of Othello represent seeking revenge? As defined by Aristotle, is it correct to label Othello a tragic hero and to classify the play as an Aristotelian tragedy?

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  • What kind of relationship does Othello have with Cassio? In what ways does it meet or not meet the definition? Use the correct literary terms and analyze each one in relation to the play. To what extent do women show their empowerment throughout the text? Does he truly love her? Describe why Iago is a consummate manipulator of identity and self-fashioning. Describe how Medea and Othello were treated as outsiders and foreigners and why it led to their demise through jealousy. Othello commits a brutal murder in Act V.

    What does this action say about him?

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    Should we sympathize with him more as a victim than a villain, or is he as much a villain as Iago at this point of the play? Describe how the play has been perceived by audiences in different contexts over time, and why. The action is well-defined, the cause-and-effect relationships are logical, and events are sequential. This is a realistic tragedy of the writer, excluding the presence of a magic element and describing the real world.

    The characters of the heroes are authentic and represent people without magical features. William Shakespeare was the author of perfect works for the era in which he worked. The novelty of the play was the lack of appeal to ancient and medieval motifs. The venue was Venice, a modern and popular city of the period described.

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    The writer used historical data and compiled them with fiction. The basis for the plays were legends, parables, stories of sailors, and also other historical and fictional works. The first act of the play by William Shakespeare is dedicated to the love and escape of Othello and Desdemona.

    In the opera, composed by Giuseppe Verdi, it is completely excluded. The composer was 74 when he wrote this composition. Beloved Essay Sample. Beowulf Essay Sample.

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